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Thermal Bonding Equipment & Tools

American Dream Extensions tools for every hot thermal bond system. Products include glue guns; glue pearls and sticks, American Dream thermostatic glue pot, thermal bonding disconnectors, plus heat connectors and silicone finger pads. We also have a starter kit for newly qualified technicians and training kits for learners.


Thermal Bonding is a professional craft. We recommend proper training before attempting to apply bonded extensions. For info on HABIA Certified Training Courses call +44 (0)20 8998 9840.

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Glue Guns

Price From: £18.95 - £28.75
Best Seller

Aluminium Cup for use with Keratin Pearls

Best Seller

Thermal Bonding Disconnector

Best Seller

American Dream Themostatic Glue Pot

Best Seller

Hair Protectors - Pack of 5

Best Seller

American Dream Heat Connector

Best Seller

Keratin Remover 50ml


American Dream Starter Kit for Thermal Bonding

Best Seller

Silicone Finger Pads - Pack of 3

Best Seller

Silicone Finger Thimbles - Set of 3