Original Grade Soft Wave Weft

Price From: £32.75 - £87.75
  • Product Description: Indian Hair – Soft Wave
  • Pack Size: 100g weft
  • Lengths Available: 10” – 24”
  • Durability: 2 weeks – 2 months, depending on application and wear
  • Recommended for Full Head: 1-2 packs
  • MUST HAVE for every session stylist's kit bag for short term model-wear
  • Great for cold bonding / fusion - temporary wear
  • Best for session work, short term and temporary wear
  • Not recommended for longer term wear
  • We recommend our REMY products for longer term wear - please search REMY online

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Price From: £32.75

Original Grade Soft Wave Weft:

Original Grade extensions offer a vast choice in colour, lengths and styles. Made of 100% Fine Indian human hair, these wefts are ideal for heat-styling. Being non-remy these hair wefts are cost effective and will remain in good condition for 1-3 months.

With a vast collection of shades to choose from, including dip-dyed and extreme, finding a colour match is easy. Lengths extend from 10” to 24”. They’re easy to style with heat, straighten for a blunt finish or shape into curls or waves for maximum volume and bounce. They are also in a vast array of textures and styles.

This weft is 100g in weight and Soft Wave in Style.

Recommended Use

We recommend using 1-2 packets to do a full head of extensions. If you are thinning on top you may want to look at our closures and clip in patches also which would give you a lovely natural finish.

These extensions are a session stylist’s best friend and are carried within their kit bag at all times.

Use the Master Human Hair Colour Chart to colour match your hair. Loan or Buy one now, or send us in a snippet of the hair you would like us to match and we can do that for you.

What makes our Original Grade Special?

American dream’s first creation in 1980, original extensions are still a hot seller today. With an extensive colour chart and lengths starting at 10” all the way up to a whopping 30”. These 100% Indian human hair pieces are available in a range of straight, curly and wavy textures to match European and afro hair types.

Offering enormous choice in style, colour, texture, and length and attachment methods, finding a match is easy. With care, this non-remy product is durable from 1 -3 months. They blend beautifully and are accessible at an excellent ‘extensions for all’ price-point. Great for client trials and for those who like to update their look regularly as well as for session stylists to keep in their kit-bags.

HUMAN HAIR: Which Grade is Best For Me

What Grade?What is it?Best For?Key Selling PointsDurability

Our most luxurious hair extensions range for clients who insist on the best. Ultimate extensions provide long lasting deep colour, durability, and consistency of texture and structure. Virgin-like quality means that the hair can be professionally re-coloured. Easy to heat-style for beautiful curls and waves.

Made from only healthy, strong, 100% Mongolian remi hair with cuticles intact and aligned for guaranteed longevity and to minimise tangling. Our Ultimate extensions have proved so popular with discerning salons that we have extended the colour range and choice of lengths available.

Heat styling
Range of Top-Ends

Cuticles are intact and alligned
Available in Double Drawn
Easy to heat style

1-12 months


The pure remi properties of iconic extensions offer beautiful, thick glamour and gloss, combined with strength. Straight and sleek, they hold their natural alignment even after several washes.

Made from premium 100% Chinese remi hair which has a natural higher density than any other origin, these extensions offer incredible strength and a consistently perfect straight form. The fully intact cuticles are aligned to make them easy to care for, with minimal tangling, and they’ll stay in good condition for up to 8 months.

Pre-dyed extensions undergo a series of enhancing treatments to really lock in colour. Select from 45 shades in lengths up to 24”. Also available are Iconic Tape-In extensions and The Loop-Duo (hair on a wire).

Sleek & Straight Hair
Range of Top End
Wavy Hair

Cuticles are intact and alligned
Great range of colours

1-8 months


Our Colour Ready silicone free wefts are perfect for bespoke colouring. There is no barrier to creating the colour effect you desire with our colour ready base colours. Crafted from our Iconic Grade remi hair to hold colour just like natural hair.

Made from premium 100% Chinese remi hair our Colour Ready Wefts have not been dyed and so the hair is pure, untreated and ready for bespoke colouring. There are 6 base shades to choose from so you can choose the most ideal base shade for your creative colour effect guranteeing an exact colour match everytime.

Sleek & Straight Hair

Cuticles are intact and alligned
Perfect for colouring

1-8 months


Combinging durability with affordability, Premium grade offer the best of both worlds. Made of 100% Chinese human hair which are naturally strong, these extensions give you a sleek and straight look.
These 100% Indian human hair pieces are available in a range of straight, curly and wavy textures to match European and Afro hair types.

Made from from finest Chinese hair our Premium grade are durable and tend to have a natural sleek straight finish. Hair is alligned root to tip minimise tangling and improve durabilty.
Available in a wavy texture and in double drawn which means the hair is fuller all the way from top to bottom.

Sleek & Straight Hair
Wavy Hair
Hair alligned from root to tip
Available in Double Drawn
Good range of lengths
1-6 months