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Jenoris Scientific Hair Care

With several people claiming results after JUST ONE USE Jenoris is fast becoming a must-have retail stock item for Salons serious about hair care:


"I just thought you'd like to know that I went to my hairdresser at Galvin's yesterday who said to me whatever I had been using on my damaged hair was great - the best my hair has ever been. Thank you for sharing this magnificent mask with me!" - Anna, art curator & writer, 32 years old, London


The range includes shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, oils, keratin treatments and more - all specifically formulated to replenish chemically treated tresses and promote healthy hair regrowth. 

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Jenoris Curls Cream

Price From: £14.50 - £20.00

Jenoris Moisturizing Hair Cream

Price From: £12.50 - £17.00

Jenoris Pistachio Conditioner

Price From: £13.00 - £20.00

Jenoris Pistachio Oil - 100ml, 50ml & 10ml trial size (NB price varies by size)

Price From: £2.95 - £24.00

Jenoris Shampoo for Colored & Dry Hair

Price From: £11.00 - £30.00

Jenoris Hair Loss Shampoo

Price From: £14.50 - £20.00

Jenoris Keratin Shampoo

Price From: £11.50 - £30.00

Jenoris Silver Shampoo

Price From: £14.00 - £20.00

Jenoris Glaze 500ml


Jenoris Oil Cream 150ml


Jenoris Keratin Velvet Leave-In Conditioner 250ml


Jenoris Pistachio Hair Mask 500ml


Jenoris Hair Loss Intensive Treatment

Out Of Stock

Jenoris Keratin Hair Treatment


Jenoris Keratin Hair Mask 500ml


Keratin Treatment Spray for Hair Recovery 10ml


Keratin Treatment Spray for Hair Recovery 10ml - 25 Piece Pack


Jenoris Pistachio Luxury Gift Set


Jenoris Keratin Luxury Gift Set


Jenoris Hair Loss & Heat Treat Cap Set - SAVE 25%


Jenoris Keratin Mask 500ml + HEAT-TREAT CAP, 20% off when you buy both together