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After Care Products for Hair Extensions

To ensure your hair extensions continue to look good, it’s important to use American Dream’s extension aftercare products. The Soft and Silky range and the Manhattan are perfect for hair extension aftercare with a low pH, while still giving you a great clean and lots of hydration. Caring for hair extensions is so important, and will guarantee that they stay fixed for longer, giving you your new great look for longer. Can also be used as your regular shampoo and conditioner for natural hair.

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Manhattan Hair Extension Conditioner 250ml


Manhattan Hair Extension Shampoo 250ml


Manhattan Hair Extension Daily Maintenance Spray 125ml


Soft and Silky Hair Extension Conditioner 200ml


Soft and Silky Hair Extension Leave In Treatment 150ml


Soft and Silky Hair Extension Shampoo 200ml


Soft and Silky Hair Extension Maintenance Spray 500ml