Clip-In Patches

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Our pioneering QuickFix™ Clip-In Patches are a subtle solution for disguising thinning hair and boosting confidence without having to wear a full-head wig. 

·         100% Human Hair
·         3 ultra-lightweight clips
·         12” long
·         8cm diameter
·         Cut and style to suit
·         Silky Straight
·         Soft Wave
Hand-Made Jody which has a mesh finish so the natural colour of your client’s scalp shows through - without a parting.
Machine-Crafted Sasha gives the illusion of a natural scalp, with a parting.
Patches are made with 3 ultra-lightweight clips – 2 are set on opposing sides, for placement at the front of the head, 1 clip is fastened at the back for comfort and security.
Use our easy to follow 3 Step Guide.
"In my career as journalist on a national newspaper, I have to look & feel confident.
However, in the last few years the bulk has gone out of my hair and it’s thin all over,
particularly on top. So I was ecstatic when I found American Dream’s Patch which is
a fuller hairpiece that clips to the crown of my head. The shades and textures mix
beautifully & like this I'm confident - whatever the occasion, I look well groomed."
– Bridget Martyn, QuickFix™ Clip-In Patch model, as featured above